Photos — series

Quay of Traditions

 This project is about the “Bolshiye Isady” — the oldest Astrakhan market, place with a mix of a huge traditions, where east and west meet together, about the people who work there for years and their life. “Bolshiye Isady” is a visit card of Astrakhan. Many years ago it was like a crossroad, placed in the heart of the “Silkway”, where traders from neighbours countries mets together — Persians, Tatars, Armenians, Russians, and others. Nowadays the market is going through hard times, but it’s still could impress you by the unique mix of traditions. 
Astrakhan, Russia, 2019



The workers perform a waterproofing of the irrigation canal during it’s construction.
Astrakhan region, Russia, 2018.


Masters of light (Electricians)

The electricians of the electric energy supply company inspects the power lines.
Astrakhan region, Russia, 2018.


Under Pressure

Pressed and cubed aluminum scrap for the recycling at the scrapyard.
 Astrakhan, Russia, 2018.