Photos — series

  Marooned in Sadovoye

In the deep Volga village Sadovoye there are no roads, no church and no cemetery, but there is one of the smallest schools in Russia with only 10 children at the moment. They are the last children, because nobody wants to have new ones there. Sadovoye has no future because it’s hard to get there, over half of the year it turns to the island because of the rivers flood and other time the only road to the village is washed out with rains. But now life is continuing here as long as the last children keep attending the school.

Astrakhan region, Russia, 2020


Lost in Leprosy

One of the last leprosy hospitals in Russia was under treat of closing. For many years leprosy in Russia was under close attention of the science community. Now, due to the low quantity of leprosy cases in the country, idea of reforming of leprosy center is closer than ever.
There are four leprosy hospitals in Russia at the moment and one of them is located in Astrakhan, near the South borders of the country in the high-endemic leprosy region. Besides hospital with real patients there is one only Institute of leprosy research in Russia.
Research fellows of the Institute suggest that it could be a big problem with leprosy cases increasing in future if Institute will be closed. 

Astrakhan region, Russia, 2020



Under Pressure

Pressed and cubed aluminum scrap for the recycling at the scrapyard.
 Astrakhan, Russia, 2018.