Bio & awards

Maxim Korotchenko is an award-winning photographer currently based in Paris, France.

He born in Astrakhan, Russia in 1982. At the age of 29 in 2011 he started his professional career, documenting the local governor’s activity. Some years after he turned to a professional freelancer working for various mass-media and also developing his own photo projects, documenting the daily life of people living in the Lower Volga and focusing on the visual research of the South Russia surroundings. From the beginning of 2022 Maxim works and live in Paris

One of his best-knows photos «Diving» had received world-recognition for many times, as well as other works that took winning places in the world-wide photo contests. In his work Maxim Korotchenko focuses on capturing of some unexpected moments of our reality to show the world to people from the alternate point of view, with depth, imagery and concentration, just like someone leads us to a different world. The thin line when documentary photo could be turned into the piece of art.

Maxim Korotchenko artist’s statement:

«For my creative process the photography is always a discovery, opening the world newly over and over. With help of camera you transform everyday routine things to new forms, filling them with new meanings, finding something that could be considered as a magic unexpected moments of life. While thousands of people walk through, you as a photographer, make a pause and press the button to take shot. And with every new shot you show the new side of the world, people never thought of». 

Since 2021 he is a member of Russian Union of Photographers and Russian Union of Journalists.

Awards and exhibitions:

Winner of Paris Sport Photo-2021 (1st place, France, Paris)
Finalist of A.Efremov-2020 photocontest (Russia, Tobolsk)
Finalist of TEFI-Multimedia-2021 prize (Russia, Sochi)

Finalist of PhotoVisa-2020 Biennial Photocontest (Russia, Krasnodar)

Winner of Siena International Photo Awards 2019 (1st place, «Sports in action», Italy, Sienna)

Winner of HIPA International Photography Awards 2017-2018 (3rd place, «The Moment», UAE, Dubai,)
Finalist of «Miami Street Photography Festival — 2018» (USA, Miami)
Winner of «Best of Russia — 2017» 

Finalist of «Sony World Photography Awards — 2017» (London, UK)
Winner of  «Best of Russia — 2016»

Solo presentation at the European Month of Photography 2016 (EMOP) (Gallery Pfundt, Germany, Berlin)
«Freckles» group exhibition (Gallery Pfundt, Germany, Berlin)

Finalist «Lensculture Exposure Awards — 2014»
Solo exhibition, Astrakhan kremlin, Astrakhan, Russia

Winner of «Best of Russia — 2013»
Winner of « — 2013»
Miami Street photography festival — 2014 Extra selection exhibit